Who is the boss

In January I was lucky enough to work in Spain for almost a month. At the same time it gave me the opportunity to look at myself with new eyes. It was interesting, a bit worrying and at times I laughed out loud at myself. It also made me a bit sad, when I realized that without being conscious about it I’ve given up some of my dreams during the last couple of years. It made me wondering who is in charge of my life. Literally it’s me, of course, both in my company and privately. But is it really true? Unfortunately I’ve to say both yes and no. While I was in Spain I did an interview with Pernilla Gavrell, who is the owner of the restaurant ”El Castillo” in Benahavis in the south of Spain. Benahavis is a small mountain village that has 24 restaurants. This is the place that Pernilla from Sweden has chosen to open up her restaurant. It takes great courage to start a new business in the middle of a finance crisis, in a foreign country, and in a place with great competition. We spoke for hours about leadership, motivation and the importance of living your dream. Our conversation made me think even more about who is in charge of my life. If I truly had been the boss, I would never have given up some of my dreams. If I had taken better care of my staff (myself) as a good manager should, I would have been kinder towards myself. Especially at work. Now I know better, but I had to go to Andalusia and look out over the Mediterranean towards Africa for many hours to understand. Now it’s up to me to show good leadership towards myself, both professionally and privately. I’ve treated my dreams so carelessly, what am I going to do with them now? I’ve thought a lot about them in the past couple of weeks. I’m close to make a few decisions, but I’m not ready to talk about them yet. Who is in charge of your life? //Marianne


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