A princess is born

Two days ago a new princess was born in Sweden, Estelle Bernadotte. Many of us are celebrating this by eating Sweden’s favourite cake, “prinsesstårta”. Estelle will one day be the queen of Sweden after her mother, crownprincess Victoria. Imagine being born into a very loving family, but also a royal family. Imagine an entire nation scrutinizing everything you say and everything you do. Some will take great pride in making fun of the way you look, the way you dress and comment your grades in school. Media will hide in the bushes trying to take a photo of your first kiss. Imagine not being able to choose your own profession, or being allowed to vote in an election. Imagine always having to smile, be in a good mood and not say what you really think. Now  think about everything you are free to do in your life. What do you choose to do? //Marianne


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