Thank you

Easter is my favourite holiday. Spending time with family and friends, but without the pressure of finding the perfect gift. It’s also a time for reflection and saying thank you. Don’t take people for granted, show them that you care and a simple thank you is all it takes. Who would you like to thank today?
I would like to thank John, who’s blog makes me laugh, and Julie, who’s blog teach me all I need to know about African violets,                for being very generous and caring people. Thank you! //Marianne


5 responses to “Thank you

  1. Marianne, before I saw your post today I noticed in my WordPress stats that a couple of hits had come from your blog, so I backtracked here to see how THAT was happening. I’m grateful for the mention!


  2. Thank you Marianne. Sorry I was slow to notice. Hope your weekend was all you’d hoped it would be.

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