If I only

Have you got stuck in ‘If only I was rich, I would…’, ‘If only I had a bit more time, I would…’ or ‘If only I was thin, I would…‘ ? It is all too easy to get stuck in a destructive way of thinking. This is a way of avoiding responsibility for your own life and blaming circumstances. Alter your attitude, and change every sentence that starts with ‘If I’ to ‘ I can…’ I want to…’ I choose…’. This will get you positive results much quicker than ‘If only I…’.  //Marianne


12 responses to “If I only

  1. free penny press

    The word “IF” has been banished from my internal dictionary!!

  2. Speak the truth…IF is a deadend thought. Danger, don’t go there.
    Love your simple truths, they help me get on with it. Each of us can find our places of happinesss 365 days a year. .

  3. Along those same lines, I hate the hear people say, “I can’t.” What they really mean, more often than not, is “I choose not to.” They just don’t want to take the responsibilty that comes with that.

  4. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to start new things and find all kinds of excuses. When I quit my job to work freelance in journalism my colleagues warned me that I was much too old (I was 42 back then) and that I would certainly fail. Ten years have passed and I haven’t failed.

    • Afraid, and jealous of those who dare. It’s sad how people project their own fears on others instead of getting inspired. Being old at 42, I don’t think so…. It must annoy your collegues that you haven’t failed, :).

      • Sadly, it did. I was good friends with some, but all of a sudden one after the other disappeared out of my life. I overheard one say to the other “As if the world had waited for her as a journalist. Who does she think she is?” I think one of the worst things is that you look back at your life one day (when you are old) thinking “If I only had followed my dreams …” But then, as George Eliot once said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been!”

  5. I love the George Eliot saying, it’s pinned to my bulletin board at work, :). I wish I could say that your colleagues’ behavior is unusual, but it isn’t. I meet it every week at work, especially when I coach teams the importance of appreciating each other’s differences. Life is short, and we might as well enjoy it, :).

  6. Unfortunately, too many people think they’d only be able to enjoy life if the “circumstances were right”, like: If I had more money … If I had more time … If I were skinnier, If I had a better job … If I had this, if I had that, etc. They wait for the right moment which never comes as the right moment is always now.

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