Flow – part 1

Flow is a feeling we have when everything is working as it should and no challenges seem foreign to us. Everything is easy and we do not need to use any effort or think hard. Instead we are totally focused on the task and we forget both time and space. When we experience flow we do not feel powerless but instead we feel that we are in charge of our life. We are in control. The purpose of flow is to continuously be in a state of flow, it is not about high mountains and deep valleys but about a constant flow. Paradoxically our performance often decreases as we strain and although our energy consumption is reduced the effect is greater when we are in a state of flow. We become efficiently relaxed. Flow can be created through coincidence but why take a chance when we can create optimal experiences through mental training. This is the first of four posts about flow. The next one will be on Wednesday, next week. //Marianne


9 responses to “Flow – part 1

  1. I am so with you! Thank you for sharing, posting this! This is a focus in my life right now as well. ~ J

  2. It’s one of those feelings when everything is in the right place & time (but I’d never) had a rod or it before. Thank you for clarifying this for me! It’s incredible when that happens in one’s life too.

  3. Apologies, typo! I hadn’t a word for this before, ‘flow’ is the perfect description!

  4. I am just now getting to your posts from April 8-13. I have one weekly achive post arrive on Saturday mornings for each blog I follow, rather than have the posts arrive daily. Thanks for all the inspiration! You always find a photo that perfectly illustrates your message.

    The only time I am in the flow (and truly happy) is when I am creating my blog posts. I enjoy the whole process of choosing a photo from the many I have taken, enhancing it in PhotoShop, and coming up with a humorous title and caption for it. The whole time I gleefully anticipate the comments.

    I am trying to think of how I can get PAID to be creative rather than for the work that has been paying the bills for 30 years–work that I find drudgery.

    • Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! I’m running out of photos that doesn’t have family, friends or colleagues in it. They have all said no, no and no! :). Flow and blogging is a good combination, and I’m sure you will find a way to get paid for your lovely blog. If a friend came to you and asked for advice about blogging and getting paid, what would you say to her/him?

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