Listen and learn

A few years ago I was asked by a business organization to talk to a group of young entrepreneur’s about motivation, leadership and goal achievement. They were also eager to help them. I spent five hours with 20 girls and boys, no one older than 19 years. I walked away from our meeting full of inspiration, and with a big smile on my face. Their business ideas were brilliant, they had done a lot of research of their respective market and they were full of confidence. Some of them still needed to figure out a few problems, but they looked forward to the challenge. The essence of my two-page report to the business organization was: listen and learn. Do not assume things, older is not always better and dare to look at things from a new angle. Did they listen? No, in their world it was an impossible thought that a 16 year old girl could run a business by herself, and do it well. None of the 20 girls and boys asked the business organization for any help, and my report ended up in a drawer. Older is not always better. Instead of letting our experience help us, sometimes it stops us from trying due to fear of failing. When that happens, we let our fears dictate our lives. How often do you really listen to a teenager, or say someone under the age of 22? Listen and learn…
Tomorrow you will meet Erica who is blogging from LA. I have known Erica for many years. She grew up in Stockholm and she is an extraordinaire young woman, only 20 years old. That is why I have asked her to be a guest blogger once a fortnight. I’m calling her segments “Erica’s corner”. //Marianne


4 responses to “Listen and learn

  1. It is a shame there is not a SUPER INSANELY LIKE button…for if there were I would have clicked on it about twenty dozen times.

    I am an old person. I am constantly lecturing, begging, pleading to those in my age bracket to listen to those coming up. They bring fresh ideas, concepts, and innovations to the table.

    I would like to stay they immediately open their eyes and see the wonderful possibilities, but alas, I’m afraid we fall far, far short.

    But I keep trying…and don’t forget this when the age thing catches up and you find yourself looking back.

    Be encouraged!

    • Thank you for your feedback, I’m glad that you like my post, :). Is it fear, laziness or that people don’t want to rock the boat? We can learn so much from each other, at the same time we always forget about the “young ones”. Older people’s wisdom, and experience is extremely important, but so are fresh ideas. Especially now a days when the world is changing so rapidly. I’m not worried about myself, my friends and colleagues span from 20 to 82, :). I’m very fortunate….

      • Indeed you are fortunate…I’m not sure what it is…although I beginning to believe it is not any one thing, but a combination of fear, insecurity, ego, vain glory, sexism, ageism, intolerance, and more than likely, a few dozen other aspects of being that are less than desirable.

        Be encouraged!

      • I think you’re absolutely right.

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