Flow – part 2

How high do you dare to set your goal? Do you prefer to set goals that are so low that they often feel borderline meaningless? Or do you set your goals so high that they seem almost impossible to reach? Flow and goals go together and it is important that the goal is optimal; it should not be too easy or too hard to achieve. Many choose to remain in their comfort zone with their attitude; I know what I have but I do not know what I will get. Others set their goals so high that they give up before they even get half way. It is a good idea to push yourself to go a bit higher than what you first thought, and to think a bit bolder then when you started. When the process has begun it will not take long until you dare to go a step further. Something that felt impossible a couple of weeks, months or a year ago, is possible today. We are often surprised afterwards, when we have distance to the situation that we were not braver.
Part 3 will be published next week. //Marianne


5 responses to “Flow – part 2

  1. Aristotles Golden Mean always seem applicable of finding the middle way between two extremes.

  2. I’m glad to have read this today.. I’ve been struggling with cello lately, I think my teacher has gotten everything so reduced to the smallest sound that I feel the “music” has left.. I’ve got to talk to him about changing his expectation and my goals. Thanks for this today!

  3. My goal is to have ambition and my ambition is to have goals. LOL

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