I choose…

If it was possible to be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, would you choose that? Or, would you on the other hand choose to remain unhappy, at least every now and then? And if that were the case, what would you choose to be miserable about? //Marianne


26 responses to “I choose…

  1. That is an interesting question. My first thought was that I would choose to be happy all the time and then I realized that would mean missing out on some of the experiences which have built my character and taught me the most.

    • Is’t possible to built character while you’r happy?

      • That’s a hard question to answer because I’m not sure that it is possible to be happy 24/7. As much as we might prefer that I’m not sure life is like that. But if I can put a positive spin on my comments by asking another question? Would a diamond look as beautiful if it hadn’t been through the fire or would it just be a lump of carbon?

      • It’s a difficult question, a question we need to pick apart and then put together again. What do we choose instead, and why do we? Is it because we don’t know differently? A friend of mine thinks a lump of carbon is the most beautiful thing in the world, :).

  2. I would love it to be 24/7, but then life is a bumpy road of contrasts. It is through the experience of the hard times that we appreciate the good times.

    • What if we could learn to appreciate good times without the hard times? Is’t possible?

      • If I am alive in the moment, and the moment can be harsh or good due to the unpredictable turns in life, then both good and bad needs to be appreciated. If something bad exists in the moment, then by attempting to deny its reality is to eliminate being in the moment.

      • I don’t mean we should deny any negative feelings, absolutely not. My post is not about that. Life is unpredictable, at the same time we choose how to deal with what happens. If we change being happy to being content, it might be an easier question. If we choose not to be happy/content; what do we choose instead, and why do we make that choice. A very important question.

      • I would say that we should use the power of our choice to always move towards that which make us happy and content, but despite that choice life has that habit of causing events to happen that we did not choose, which makes for some unhappy moments. For instance, I was left stranded when a bus never arrived, so I had to walk 20 miles, I did not choose for the bus to be unavailable, it just was. Another example is I get colds on occasion, I do not choose to be ill, but the virus likes to gatecrash and invite me to its party.

        My favored philosopher Heraclitus offers the principle “Strife is Justice” which is that things “become” as a result of strife (and choice).

      • What an interesting conversation we are having, I like that. No one chooses to get a cold, at least I hope not or being stranded by a bus. Or breaking your ribs which I did 3 times last year, :). But we can choose our reaction. The first time I broke my ribs I cried non-stop for 3 days because of the almost unbearable pain. I also felt a bit sorry for myself as I couldn’t work, travel or go to dinnerparties. The second time I got frustrated and bit angry. The third time I just smiled at my bad luck, and read a lot of books, :).

      • Thats true. Our reaction makes a big difference 🙂

  3. I think being happy and the once in a while unhappiness balances life and the way it can be lived. The reality is life has its ups and downs, and while we must appreciate both, there are times of unhappiness and they need to be acknowledged if only for a brief moment.

  4. I think I wouldn’t want to be happy 24/7, because I would lose the ability to appreciate it.

  5. If we didn’t have the bad we would never know we had the good either, so being happy 24/7 doesn’t really work. So maybe we should be happy that we are sad?

  6. wow this is a difficult question, yet who would choose to endure misery. The question for me would be if I chose to be happy all the time, would it get old? Maybe we wouldn’t be equally happy about everything and so would be unhappy again. Hmm, the jury is still out. Thank you for waking me up.

  7. If you were happy 24/7, 365, then how would you know you were happy if you didn’t have any sorrow to contrast it with? Nothing has meaning without it’s opposite. Of course I don’t like being sad, but being happy is sweeter when you know sorrow.

  8. allthingsboy, in my humble estimation, has hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head with, “being happier is sweeter when you know sorrow.”

    Be encouraged!

  9. free penny press

    I do not wish misery on myself but on the flip side, hardships have brought me a better awareness and appreciation of life and the joys we all deserve..

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