Many people make the mistake of spending major time on minor things, when they should do just the opposite. I used to be an expert in this area, and when I stopped my life changed. Sometimes I slip back to my old habit, that is why I have a reminder on my fridge that says: Marianne, spend major time on important things, NOT on minor things! // Marianne


10 responses to “Stop

  1. I totally agree. Prioritization and time management πŸ™‚

  2. My husband thinks I spend too much time on the internet…but I really enjoy my blog and reading others…rather than watching T.V. I also feel like I have a balance…I jog, hike, go out to social events.

  3. free penny press

    Pick your battles I say..

  4. For me early mornings are dedicated to the most difficult and important things, then I tackle the rest.

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