Brain stretcher

Start your day with easy tasks and see them as warmers, a kind of stretching for more challenging work later. Just like we stretch our muscles before we exercise, it’s a good idea to stretch our brain in the morning.
I’m fortunate enough to be working in Andalucía, Spain for a few weeks. My motivation is on top, the same goes for the people I’m coaching. Sadly I can’t say the same about my computer. It seems to have a conflict with Microsoft office for Mac, which gives me a lot of problems. I’ve also chosen not to have Internet in Spain; instead I go to a local coffeeshop to get on-line. This means it will take a bit longer before I can answer your comments while I’m here. I hope you don’t mind. Blue sky, sunny and a bit windy in southern Spain today. //Marianne


6 responses to “Brain stretcher

  1. Katie MacInnes-Hedberg

    Have a great time, relax and enjoy yourself. Love from us xxx

  2. I like the thought behind brain stretching! I should incorporate it into my life.

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