How often are you nice to yourself? Is it once a day, once a week or do months go by without you being nice to yourself? By being considerate to yourself you will feel good and this in turn will affect other areas of your life. On the other hand, nothing good comes out of being mean with yourself. Nothing! //Marianne


10 responses to “Consideration

  1. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. You can find it here:

    • Thank you so much! I’m in southern Spain and we have terrible weather. Rain, hail, lightning, thunderstorm. We are losing the internet any minute :(. I’m getting back to you as soon as the storm is gone, hopefully tomorrow (1st of May). But in the meanwhile; THANK YOU! 🙂

      • You’re very welcome. That’s too bad about the internet. Ours isn’t that good over here either. It cuts off all the time. Luckily I will be back in the states soon with better internet. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately many people say “I did everything for him/her/them and what did he/she/they do for me? Nothing!” Instead of putting their energy in doing things for themselves, they do them for others and if the others don’t reply in the same way, they feel their life has been destroyed by “him/her/them” and blame all their unhappiness on “him/her/them”. No, it is not egoism caring for oneself and doing nice things for oneself. People should always remember that they themselves are the most important person in their life. And no, it’s neither egoism nor narcissism!

  3. You’re so right on this one!!

  4. Love this post! When I am beating myself up or hear others beating themselves up I remind myself and them that it is important to be gentle with ourselves. When we are considerate of ourselves, we will be considerate of others.

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