Erica the guestblogger living in LA

There is a majority of international students who live in the dorms where I stay.  I hear English, Spanish, Korean, French and German every day.  English is our language in common and for most people are good to use it. I like the international environment; we talk about other things than what I do with my friends at home. It’s also made me understand more about Sweden. A group of people went to the beach last week for volleyball. After a while someone asked what the score was and I exclaimed “ten-ten” even though I had no idea. I just wanted to keep the game going. They started to laugh and said, “no surprise that that came from a Swede”, referring to our reputation of being a country of equality.  They said we’re the country where no one looses, nor wins. It’s also made me realize that we have things to be really proud of, like our (almost unitary) view on AGA. I was chocked when we had a discussion pro or con AGA in my English class, and we had a real debate with 50/50 on the two sides. It was an eye opener for sure. In the same way I have things to learn from people from other cultures. That’s why I always, always, always would prefer to live in an international environment. // Erica


3 responses to “Erica the guestblogger living in LA

  1. I think that anytime we expose ourselves to something new we walk away more enriched – great post.

  2. Thank you! Definitely, to do something we don’t do every day, to speak with someone new…. 🙂

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