Ups and Downs

Life has its ups and downs. What are you doing when life is improving?


17 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. Not enough – then I am surprised when it stops improving…

  2. I will push for more improvement 🙂

  3. improving as well

  4. Thank the universe and continue my affirmations.

  5. Ah lovely as always… going with the flow and never ever forgetting the hard work and hurdles in the path

    • Thank you! Hard work and facing hurdles is a great way to learn to solve problems and grow as a person. Sometimes people forget that, :).

  6. when i find my spirits sagging, i give myself a reality check. i remind myself that i can see (i lost my vision once for 24 hours).. i remind myself that i can see in color. (my sons are color deficient) i remind myself that i could be dealing with the problem from the vantage point of a wheelchair, like my nephew (freak accident that broke his back.) that third reality check i start crossing off all of those wonderful gifts i have to be thankful for, and i am then soaring above the ground with happiness.
    for me, every minute is an improvement if what i do is affecting the quality of my day, though the journey was an arduous one to get to this destination! karma comes back, and my cup runneth over!

    how’s that for an epistle?! z

  7. I just asked one of my clients this same question this morning. Her life is really improving, and I said, “Let’s look at what you are doing.” Excellent.

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