I value….

Today’s challenge: choose 5 things in your life that you value the most. Be specific and try and look beyond family and friends, as it is too “easy” to say my children. // Marianne



19 responses to “I value….

  1. It will be hard to choose only five things.

  2. Freedom, clean water, friendship, prayer, meditation

  3. 1) Our dogs poop outside on schedule
    2) Susie (my wife) is winning the battle against the annual black ant invasion (in fact, in any arena of competition, my money is always on Susie).
    3) The book IS slowly being written.
    4) You MIGHT actually consider paying Susie and my way to Europe for the summer…:)
    5) To piggyback onto to a previous commentator…I love indoor flush toilets!

    Be encouraged!

    • Stephen, great answers and very funny! 🙂 I always get into big fights with black ants in Spain, never in Sweden. The Spanish ones are more aggressive,:). Today I have received 4 113 emails, I need Susie…

  4. free penny press

    Hmm..only 5 things? Let’s see,
    freedom, my eyesight, my hands, fresh foods & my love for humanity

  5. I can summrize it in one thing. “My life” in all of its ups and downs 🙂

  6. Boy looks like an easy question but truly is a difficult one…Great post..

  7. Oh.. to be able to sit down and blog in peace and quiet, lol, my music, the freedom we have living in our country, that spring is here, the abundance of food in my kitchen.. I’m pretty scattered today as you can see!! xo Smidge

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