We are 100% responsible for our experiences. Our thoughts form our future. At the same time, it is important to remember that a thought is just a thought and a thought can always change. It is also important to realize that it is you, and you alone, that control your thoughts. Have a nice Saturday! //Marianne


17 responses to “100%

  1. I wish all people would understand that their thoughts create their future. Unfortunately for most it is more comfortable to blame it on “God and the world”, as we say in German, if things don’t work our or if things go wrong.

  2. Dear Marianne, I have nominated YOU for the Versatile Blogger Award: http://strassenfotojournal.com/2012/05/05/blogger-awards



  3. There is always a choice. Bravo!

  4. It is so easy to fall into being a victim of your thoughts – great reminder that we are not victims.

  5. That is very true! Too often we want to blame others for our actions or situations. However, at the end of the day we are the ones that are responsible for our own actions, so we much choose wisely!

  6. I had an awful orchestra practice yesterday.. somehow my sheet music got mixed up in TWO pieces and I had to stop and find my spot.. by then my hands were shaking and I just had the worst time getting back in. This is the sort of thing I usually have nightmares about. Today is the concert and I’ve redone my music.. but I need to learn to turn off that little voice in my head!!

    • A great exercise is to visualize that everything goes well. I’m going to have a post on it later this year. Until then, picture yourself playing with ease, no matter what happens. Another thing, what is the worst that can happen? Will you go to prison if you “muck up”? Will your family leave you? Will you be forced to leave your country? I’m sure the concert was a big success. 🙂

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