”The scariest moment is always just before you start”, Stephen King. This is a great quote that I use as a reminder when I get scared for no logical reason, like making a sales call.
What are you afraid off?
How long have you had this fear?
Are you in control of your fear, or is the fear controlling you?


11 responses to “Fear

  1. I used to fear failure – now I fear not trying at all.

  2. I am lucky that few things scare me; if you’re fearful, you’re living through something that might never happen. if it SHOULD happen, then you’ve had to live through it twice! approaching a challenge with a heightened sense of anticipation, for me, is like a runner preparing for the sound of the starting bell. You’re prepared and ready to do your best. Z

  3. This really struck a chord with me as did readytochangenow’s reply. Doing is never as scary as being scared about doing.

  4. free penny press

    I used to fear change but then I learned that change was a good thing.. now I fear heights..well, always have actually 🙂

  5. I hate to admit it but sometimes fear does get the better of me…am learning to calm my nerves in those times..specially airtravel

    • I think the majority of people sometimes get scared, and for no logical reason. I’m writing a post later this year about changing a negative state. I think it might help you when you fly, :).

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