A new day

Earlier this morning I was sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee watching the sun slowly rise over the mountains in southern Spain. It’s a powerful sight, and I love watching the world wake up to yet another day. I always get the feeling that anything is possible. When I opened my mailbox yesterday, I did not feel that anything is possible. I had 4 113 new emails. Old ones mixed with new ones, and I have to open every one them. The last time I had access to Internet was Friday at 6 pm. My first reaction was to throw my Mac in the Mediterranean and then reclaim my life. No more Internet, emails, blogging or Facebook and it felt like heaven for a moment. Luckily two people brought me back to sanity due to their amazing blogs. Tom Lucas is a very talented writer, I read his blog every week. Cornelia Lohs, publishes black and white street photography on her blog every day. Tom, thank you for mentioning my blog. Cornelia, thank you for nominating me for the “Versatile blogger”. I’m very grateful, and very happy that you like my blog! Down to 3 562 emails… //Marianne


10 responses to “A new day

  1. Hmmm, sit at my laptop or watch the sunrise in Spain? Tough call! I’m always stunned by how the Internet creates opportunities to connect that I only dreamed of as a younger man. Congrats again on your award, it’s most deserved.

  2. Oh, I am happy to hear that I helped bringing you back to sanity!! Marianne, I know the feeling! When I live in the US (3 months in summer and 2 in winter) I have the same problems with e-mails. Due to the time difference there are already too many in my inbox by the time I get up. When I travel within the US or Latin America I often have no time to check my mails and actually I only watch out for this I get from editorial offices in order not to miss an assignment. Have a great day!

    • Cornelia, I love your photos! I get a lot of inspiration from watching them, :). Until my next trip which is in a few months time I’ve to sort this out. I don’t want to miss any business opportunities because of an overfull mailbox, :(. Living both in Europe and US, nice combination! Have a great day!

  3. I so feel you (RE: wanting to throw your laptop into the sea)…but how nice that a sunrise could be so powerful. I had a similar experience yesterday with the sun setting 🙂

  4. I have balcony envy right now 😀
    I sooo miss Spain!
    In the words of Arnie, “I’ll be back” xx

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