Being realistic

There is an automatic assumption that everything negative is realistic and everything positive unrealistic. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this theory. If anything, the opposite is true. If you think positively, believe in yourself and see the best in everyone you will feel better, perform better and enjoy life better. It is a win-win situation. //Marianne



11 responses to “Being realistic

  1. free penny press

    True words indeed.. Think positive!!!!
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Oh so true!! As soon as I start any negative thought, negative things happen.

  3. Just an example: Last week I was stuck in an article (writer’s block!), started to doubt myself (I am sure you know the whole program!!) and within one afternoon I hit my ellbow very hard, I had trouble with a ticket printer (money was gone, ticket for train did not appear), I missed the train and lost my umbrella. Things like these always happen when I have a negative thought.

    • I know all about it, that is way I always try and set a time limit to my negative thinking. Say 30 minutes, and then make a new decision. Give it a try next time, :).

  4. Marianne, what I learned from your May 5-11 posts is that I need to be 100% responsible to be in control of my fear. So on a New Day I stopped clicking the like button on your posts, because I looked at your problem from a new perspective and saw that I didn’t want to add to your 4,000 e-mail messages, because I feared you had a burning desire to throw your computer in the Mediterranean, where, positively realistically, it would NOT flow.

    • My Mac might have ended up in Africa. It’s only a short distance to Morocco from where I am, :). John, I really like your sense of humor, thank you!

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