Erica’s corner, guest blogger – missing

I miss espresso. I miss Marabou chocolate. I miss caviar. I miss walks with Dad. I miss my bed. I miss playing video games with my brothers. I miss cooking. I miss Stockholm. I miss my friends. I miss playing card games with grandma. I miss speaking Swedish. I miss driving. I miss having all my clothes to choose between when I’m getting dressed. I’m going to miss my new friends. I’m going to miss having dinner with them every day. I’m going to miss the palm trees. The ocean coast. The small shops in Costa Mesa. I’m going to miss Reese’s. I’m going to miss beach volleyball. I’m going to miss arguing about which language is the ugliest, German or Swedish. I’m going to miss In and out. I’m going to miss strangers’ cheerful hellos. There are a lot of feelings going on right now. What I can conclude is; wherever I am, I’m going to miss something, somewhere else. //Erica


14 responses to “Erica’s corner, guest blogger – missing

  1. I actually miss Los Angeles!

  2. I felt exactly the same way when I was young. Now there are only two things that I miss when I live in the US (3 months in summer, 2 months in winter): The Old Town of Heidelberg and my 22 y/o son.

  3. free penny press

    I miss my Father’s hugs and My mother’s words of encouragement… other than that all is well 🙂

  4. I miss cafe con leche at the Goyo Pastelería in Marbella (or Banús). It is a must if you love yummy stuff! 🙂

  5. Of course, it is part of life. Yesterday my brother passed away, I will miss too, but I am already thinking of the memory of him and the things he did and said that will accompany me in my life.

  6. And.. we miss what was in the past too.. even when we’re in the same place:) xoxo Smidge

  7. Jenny: Yes it’s a nice place on earth. I’ll defienetely try to get back soon 🙂
    Cornelia: Yes I totally agree – I love the climate. I’ve not been there but I googled it and wow, it looks absolutely beautiful.
    Free Penny: Agree, nothing can replace that!
    Andrea: Aah sounds nice!!
    Valentina: I’m sorry to hear that. The missing of a loved one doesn’t disappear wherever you are in the world. It sounds like a healthy attitude. My mum passed away a year ago, I try to think of all the good memories and all I got from her but it’s tough.
    Smidge: I know, there is missing going on all the time, part of our nature 🙂

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