What is the difference?

The difference between winners and the rest of us is that the winner is prepared to do things that many people won’t. A winner accepts rejection, opposition and defeat. They accept that life is not a bed of roses and even painful at times. However, they would rather take risks than stand on the side and watch life pass by. They will not let fear control their life. Nor will they let other people make decisions for them. Are you a winner or a person who stands on the sidewalk watching life passes by?  Or are you maybe somewhere between the two? //Marianne


12 responses to “What is the difference?

  1. You know what Marriane sometimes life doesnt give you a choice..you either drown or fight…my life has been like that ,seldom do i come across moments where i can choose to just watch…and so as a habit i fight and win…( talking about autism and the way it has changed and re-shaped my life and attitude towards it)..
    And for me it has been good so far 🙂

  2. Soma, I think many people feel just like you do. I do at times, and life has given me many scares and bruises but I don’t mind. I’m very grateful for all your comments, they are always full of wisdom. You’re definitely a winner because you try. Unfortunately many people don’t, I meet them every day at work. I’ve a couple of friends whose children have autism, and I understand that it’s both a blessing and a challenge.

  3. I feel like a winner most days.. but mostly just because I’m not afraid to try something/anything new.. and think “I could do that”, lol, even if I don’t do it as well as a “professional” I’m still pleased with my “attempts” 🙂

  4. I am, as we say in German, someone who jumps into the cold water without hesitating and while jumping remembering that I cannot swim. (I can swim, this is just literally). In other words, I don’t think, I just start. If we think too much about a project we have in mind we’ll never start.

  5. Sometimes I feel like a winner..trying to make a change so I am trying very hard to stand tall and not be on the back burner.

    • When we feel like a winner, we also behave like a winner. You, and you alone decides when you feel like a winner, :). Jenny, thank you for all your comments, I appreciate them.

  6. What a beautiful photo! It almost feels like summer already!

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