Mind opener

Last year I saw a wonderful exhibition at the “The Riverside Museum” in Glasgow. It made me think, it made me laugh and it made me go “wow”. Going to an exhibition is a great way to expand your mind. Give yourself the opportunity to go to a museum you normally wouldn’t go to, as it is a great way to look at things from a new angle. Be inspired by things you are not familiar with, or fully understand. Just like I did when I went to “The Riverside Museum” who has been named the most innovative museum in the fields of technology, labour and social history by the European Museums Academy. //Marianne


9 responses to “Mind opener

  1. I took my five year old to the science centre here in Louisville and learnt some interesting things about eggs… no, seriously LOL Like, did you know that if an egg sinks to the bottom of a glass of water it’s good, but if it floats, it’s bad? 🙂

    • When I read your comment, I remembered that my grandmother told me about this many, many years ago but I had forgotten about it, :). I love going to exhibitions with kids, they are so full of life and not jaded like us grownups…

  2. I’ll remember to do this.. it’s been a long while since I’ve been at a museum!

  3. You got it right there!

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