Hay fever and the flu at the same time is not a good combination. I have both so for the next few days I will not be able to answer you comments. Today’s post is a quote. “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”, Winston Churchill. Remember, you and you alone decide what failure means to you. //Marianne


19 responses to “Courage

  1. Take care dear.. hope u will be fine soon!

  2. Marianne, we are in the same boat: I am, too, suffering from hay fever and a terrible cold – my nose is running, my eyes are tearing and my head is about to burst! Our constant weather changes make me so sick – one day it’s 30 degrees hot, the next day only 5 and a few days ago we had -1 at night. As for Churchill, he was right … he was sagittarius (like me) and enthusiasm is one thing a sagittarius never loses. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. free penny press

    Feel better soon..:-)

  4. Get well… xo Smidge

  5. One of my favorite of Churchill’s quotes. He has so many great ones.
    Feel better!

  6. Just coming out of it…get well soon…we need ya.

    Be encouraged!

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