We have 65 000 thoughts a day and 95% of our thoughts are the same today as they were yesterday. We make decisions based on our thoughts and feelings, which means that your thoughts shape your life. As we easily get stuck with our negative thoughts it is important to change ‘I can’t ‘ to ‘ I CAN ‘……to improve. //Marianne


4 responses to “Thoughts

  1. Very interesting trivia; just shared this at the breakfast table with friends, who equally enjoyed it. Thanks, z

  2. Great post. One tool I have also used to avoid negative thinking is to supplant the phase “I have to” with “I get to”. It’s been very helpful.

    Also, I try to monitor how much negative media I take in (I love the Heavy Metal \M/) as well as listen to the news in my car. I try to balance it with lighter music and news. It’s crucial to stay plugged into the world, but just have to be careful.

    Lastly, I also check who I spend my time with. Negative thinking can be viral. Keep positive people around you as much as possible.


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