Being successful

What does it mean to you to be successful? Is it about your career, money or to be more happy than unhappy? Could it be about many things, and what do you need to do, to be successful in your own eyes? Or is it more important that other people think that you are successful? If so, who are these people? Give yourself plenty of time to think about these questions. This is with advantage done during a monotonous business, such as exercising, vacuuming, on your way to work or lying on the couch looking at the ceiling. Perfect times for our thoughts get a chance to catch up and reflect freely. //Marianne


4 responses to “Being successful

  1. This is so interesting tell you the truth, i dont know what success really is..over the years the term success has lost its value and the term “try ” has become more valuable
    happiness doesnt always come with success and vice versa
    there are times i didnt win but since i tried out my best i wasnt unhappy and other times i won and was not that happy…its kind of complicated…
    success and failures are very strong words and one cant have one with out the other so i keep away from them…i try,i give everything i do my best shot and if it doesnt work i change the route and try again

    • Media is always telling us that being successful is the same as being rich, thin and having an amazing career. You are also supposed to have the perfect partner, perfect home, perfect children, perfect friends and perfect holidays. If you don’t have this, consider yourself being a loser. “Second place is for losers” is a favourite quote in advertising, and media. I find it offensive, and you would be surprised to know how many well-educated people fall for this nonsense. Success, like happiness is not easy to define and that is why I ask these questions. I want people to really think about what it means to them. You, and you alone should decide what it means to you. Not media, society, family or friends. When we know, we can also do something about it. If we want to.

      • It is so true that we see is a media created hype nothing else..and when i saw your post today i loved it so much.
        you are so right about success being different for different people.for a beggar not having a sleepless night with hunger in stomach will be succcess…to a small boy finding his lost ball will give more joy and meaning than traveling in space

      • I love your comments! šŸ™‚

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