A life-long project

Life is a constantly changing project where you are the author, actor and director. So, how is it that so many people choose to play a minor part in their lives and give the main part to someone else? What part do you play in your own life? //Marianne


5 responses to “A life-long project

  1. Unfortunately most people are not aware of the fact that they themselves are the most important person in their lives (which, by the way, does NOT mean to be selfish or an egoist). No one else can live our life for us – neither our parents, nor our friends and partners, nor our children. There are too many women/mothers who tell their husbands/children “I have given up everything for you” or “I did everything for you and how do you thank me?” Instead of following their own dreams they impose them on others and blame those others for their own failed dreams. Sad!

  2. great post and so very true! new posts soon – i’ve so much to share! z

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