Sometimes we get stuck in old ways of thinking and use a lot of energy thinking about how life didn’t turn out the way we thought it would. By doing that, we miss the fact that life is sending us new dreams, fantastic dreams, just waiting to be realised. What are you dreaming of at the moment? //Marianne


10 responses to “Dreams

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  2. Great post! Joel Osteen says we should put a period at the end of any life event that causes us frustration, unhappiness, sadness etc. instead of a question mark (i.e. why, how). He said we should permanently file these experiences away since they most often don’t have an explanation. Putting a period at the end of an unhappy life situation allows us to be open and ready for the bigger and better things that are truly meant for us.

    • Miriam, thank you for your interesting comment. I’ve googled Joel Osteen as I didn’t know who he is, and I’ve decided to read more about him.

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  4. What a great photo you have to go with this post!
    (I too will explore ‘joel osteen’)

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