Lately I have been nominated for 2 blogger awards, and I am very humble by the attention. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to say thank you until now. The flu bug that I picked up in Spain refuses to leave my body, and it continue to causes all sorts of trouble. I’m very grateful that people like my blog, that you take time to read it and that you think I’m worth an award.
First I would like to thank Holistic Words for awarding me the The Versatile Blogger Award. A very big thank you, Andrea!

Secondly I would like to thank LifeRevelation for awarding me the The Beautiful Blogger Award. A very big thank you, Stephen!
I’m very grateful, very humble and I happily accept both awards. I’ve strict orders not to work, and therefore I need to postpone “the rules” that follow when you accept an award. I’m not very good at looking after myself when I’m sick. I have too much energy, and zest for life to do nothing. For once I’m going to listen to my family and my friends, and look after myself properly. Starting right now!  //Marianne


14 responses to “Award

  1. Congratulations Marianne, I am so very happy for you and please take care of the flu.

  2. Congratulations Marianne. Lots of rest and water for your flu. Not sure whether you believe in higher dosage of Vitamin C.

    • Thank you! I do believe in higher dosage of vitamin C but I’ve totally forgotten about it as I’m very seldom sick. Thank you for reminding me!

  3. I’ve already given you all the overbearing parental advice…just hope you get well soon… 🙂

    Be encouraged!

  4. Congratulations 🙂

  5. free penny press

    A very deserved award.. You offer us, the reader, new ways and insightful thoughts to help make our lives brighter and worthy.. thank you from me to you!!!

  6. Lovely and congrats..You deserve it!

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