Did you know that there is a difference between male and female stress? Female stress is usually based on relationships whereas male stress is more related to performance. Unfortunately, women have begun to copy men’s stress behavior. Why do we do that? Whereas men don’t show any tendencies to do the same, and I applaud you for this. To all the women around the world, let us say no to more stress. It’s making us sick.  //Marianne


8 responses to “Stress

  1. After reading this post, I pondered, “What causes me stress?” and – for now – my biggest trigger seems to come from non-stop talkers who might walk up while I am painting or writing and stand there and talk and talk and talk. I have not found an artful (!) way to dodge them or steer them back to silence, oh sweet silence. Even stating, “I’m sorry, but conversation pulls my focus away from my painting, and they don’t marry well.’
    Sometimes I smile and say, “I’m not retired, and I’m not on vacation, and my art is very important to me,” but most people seem to think that an artist doesn’t really have a job and can clock out at any moment. I remind myself to be honored, but they suck all my attention and energy.
    For that reason I retreat from the glorious view or the comfort of a table setting; i rely on my sketches and photos and retreat to my hotel room! In another week I’ll be home sweet home! Z

    • I’ve met many artists with the same problem. I always advice them to put up a sign which says: work in progress, please don’t disturb! Some think this is a bit harsh but like you say, this is your work. No one would disturb a police, or an accountant. At the same time you feel grateful for the attention, so why not put up a sign that says: happy to answer any question between 3 and 4 pm. Does a break disturb your flow when you are painting? When I work in Spain people always want to visit me. No matter how many times I explain that I work, they think I’m on holiday, :(.

      • Si; pulling out of the ‘flow’ is often like waking up from a dream. it’s hard to return to that spot and resume, and sometimes the spontaneity is lost 0 the freshness evaporates.
        Once when painting a huge floor mural, I was forever amazed at the people who would step over the ‘please do not walk on the painted area’ sign, inspect the painting and start asking questions!.’ I often put up a funny ‘NO TALKING ZONE” sign which helps!

        It’s great to have a huge circle of people who bask in your glow, but it can also make you feel pulled apart. Ah, being ultra sensitive is often a gift and a curse, but we wouldn’t be who we are if we were thick skinned!
        thanks, as always.

      • Your comments are always full of insight, thank you! 🙂

  2. (And yes, long-term or too much stress does make us sick! Z)

  3. My work being as creative as it is, still requires a high performance. Unfortunately I am just like men.

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