Today is the national day of Sweden. Everybody is happy to have a day off from work, but very few celebrate it. I’m celebrating that I have received 2 more awards and it makes me very humble and grateful. What would you like to celebrate today?

Today I would like to say a big thank you to Deborah Yishak, http://deborahyishak.wordpress.com for nominating me for Kreativ Blogger Award. I happily accept this award and I’m going to tell you 3 things about me, and 4 things about Sweden. It is our national day after all. You will also find 7 blogs that I have nominated.

1. I have lived in 6 different countries, but I was born and raised in Växjö. Växjö is a small university town with a rich business life in southern Sweden surrounded by lakes and forest.

2. I work as a motivational speaker. I’m also a goals specialist, which means I help companies and individuals to set and reach their goals. I also design training programs, workshops and seminars to help people transform their way of thinking.

3. I prefer cheese to chocolate, and ice cream. But I really, really like cheesecake.

4. Between 1846 and 1930, 20% – 1.3 million of the Swedish population left the country due to poverty. For the past 60 years we have been a country of prosperity, and continue having a strong economy despite financial unrest in the world. Our minister of finance, Anders Borg wears an earring and a ponytail.

5. We have not been to war since 1814. We are considered being a neutral country but we do participate in the war in Afghanistan.

6. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is often called “Venice of Scandinavia” as it is built on 14 islands. I live on the biggest island. Genuine archipelagos exist in only a few corners of the world and Stockholm’s archipelago is unique and the largest one in the world.

6. Most of us are very easy going, liberal people who likes to travel a lot. We also drink a lot of coffee and like salty food like herring. Yes, it does get cold and dark in the winter but you never have to freeze when you are indoors. The summers are usually warm, and the sun only goes down for a few hours. We love our summer, but if it rains for more than a week people quickly take off to the Mediterranean.

I would like to nominate 7 amazing blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I highly recommend everyone to check them out, it’s a mixture of poetry, photos, food and lifeblogs from around the world.


Tomorrow I’m going to thank Tom Lucas for an award he gave me the other day. I will tell you 6 new things about me, and I will nominate another 6 blogs. As always you are going to find a post about how you can change your life, one day at a time. Take care! //Marianne


18 responses to “Celebrating

  1. Thank you, Marianne! I’m honored. — The “Graffer”

  2. Great post! Loved the info about your country! And the minister of finance–love someone who is a little unconventional.

  3. Your blog fascinates me – philosophy, beauty, deep and compassionate engagement with your world. How does one get in the mix for the Inspiring Blogger recognition?

    • Thank you for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it! I’m so sorry but I don’t understand your question. Could you please explain it a bit further…

  4. Congratulations and happy holiday. We have one tomorrow, Corpus Christi. It is the third within three weeks … being German, I celebrate our many holidays!! By the way, I love the archipelago … it is so great to “jump” from one island to the next.

  5. Congratulations on your award. That’s a load of fun, as it is a good way to get to know each others, which is why we are all here to get to know one another and build a community. Happy National Day Of Sweden.

  6. Congrats…you definitely deserve this award…and great to get a a few details about you and your country. 🙂

    Interested to know how you got into motivational and goal setting.

    Be encouraged!

  7. Ahhh – I see that you found my first blog. I also have a blog for my book – just published in April http://www.icouldneversaygoodbye.com. I’m spending more time on that one right now as I market my new book. How do I write directly to you? Not via comments?

  8. free penny press

    First, CONGRATS.. your is well deserved…Second, Love the information about Sweden.I know here in the states we only hear good things, which is good 🙂

    Lastly, Thank you so kindly for recognizing my blog..I shall put an award post together pronto!!!

  9. Congratulations Marianne and thanks a lot for nominating my blog 🙂

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