Think again!

If you continue to think the way you have always done you will get the same results that you have always had. Is that a good idea? Try instead to leave your comfort zone and do something differently today – this will produce new trains of thought. By doing things differently today you will get new results tomorrow. //Marianne


6 responses to “Think again!

  1. Something I can only confirm!

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  3. Marianne, what I learned from your June 2 – June 8 posts is that I should put no limitations on thinking of you as a Beautiful, Versatile Blogger, that I must focus on reducing performance stress to be recognized as a Kreative Blogger myself, and that if I’m riding the rails on old trains of thought I need to think again.

    • John, I wish I had your talent. Your summary is so funny, thank you! 🙂 I want to write a post about it but I don’t know how at the moment, but I’ll figure it out…

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