Positive intention

What do you think will happen if you choose to look for the positive in everything that happens?


18 responses to “Positive intention

  1. More positive things will happen (my experience)!!

  2. I’ve been trying.. it’s tough to keep going sometimes, but the rewards are many!! xo Smidge

  3. Life would be much easier and enjoyable 🙂

  4. When I look at everything that happens to me through a positive lens, I feel and experience more joy and happiness. Staying positive also helps me get through life’s challenges better. In my humaness, I do sometimes fall prey to negativity but being mindful of my thoughts helps me reel in the negative monster. Great post.

    • Miriam, it makes me very happy that you like my post. It’s ok to sometimes fall prey to negativity, I do as well. But it’s important to be aware of our thoughts and be able to say stop when our mind wanders away in the wrong direction. Just like you do, :).

  5. A few years ago, my nephew, who broke his back at age 30, asked me, “Aunt Lisa, who taught you how to be so positive?’ I paused before answering and then shrugged, “it’s not a choice. i wake up happy every day of my life.’
    Slowly he shook his head and replied, ‘I disagree with you.. we make choices every day of our life.’

    His statement made me introspective, and I realized that he was right. I was positive because it was a choice and a lifetime habit of choosing to see the best in situations, to make an obstacle into a challenge.. to wrestle those challenges to the ground and come out smiling.

    He’s a wonderful man, and he inspires me every single day of my life. If I find I’m having a ‘poor me’ moment, all I have to do is remind myself that I could be dealing with that problem from the vantage point of his wheelchair. That thought propels me back to ‘be grateful and be happy’ status!


    • Lisa, your nephew seems like a great role model. Does he blog? 🙂 Being happy, or unhappy is a choice but if you are used to be around negative people it might be hard to be positive. It might be the only way of thinking that you know of. The good news is that we can change our attitude but it takes a bit of training. Do you know why you have the habit of choosing to see the best in every situation? Did you get from your parents, a teacher or maybe an old boyfriend? Or did you just know? I’ve a neighbor who is 86 years old, and her mother taught her as a child about being positive and always see the best in every situation. We are talking about a woman with no education who was born over 100 years ago. How did she know this is the best way to live?

      • You are so right, and surely have more experience trying to figure out how some of us are ‘naturally happy’ and some others are ‘painfully empty.’
        One of my three sisters has a difficult time seeing her cup half full (or full!) and sometimes i think i chose to be positive because she was not. i suspect that my close connection with the healing powers of nature helps me stay grounded. yet she had that too. one can say the same for the meditative powers of art, yet there are tormented artists as well.
        i’ve always been happy and always a bit unlike my peers growing up – i thought most of what interested them was nonsense, hence why i spent time happily alone and immersed in nature. thanks, my friend, for allowing me to tap into that topic so that it could flow in your direction! z

      • Lisa, thank you for sharing you thoughts! I think, actually I know that nature is a great inspiration, and a great healer. And best of all, it’s free for all to enjoy, :). Have a wonderful and evening!

  6. I do this all the time….it’s challenging when I have pain…but even then, I remember the extreme joy that comes in knowing extreme pain. Love your attitude 🙂 Sam

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