We are different

See differences as a strength instead of getting irritated about them. In arguments there is a tendency to mix up feelings, thoughts and values. This means we are less likely to understand other people and see their point of view. We are different, and this is something we should celebrate, not get annoyed by. Imagine if we all looked the same, had the same thoughts, liked the same things, solved problems the same way and had the same values. Try and imagine what the world would look like if that was the case. Instead, be inspired by our differences and by all the possibilities our differences create at work, in society, in your family and among friends. //Marianne


10 responses to “We are different

  1. Great post…thanks.

    Be encouraged!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Marianne. I live in the US and on Facebook I can’t believe how politically intolerant some of my friends are. On both sides of the political fence there are those who draw deep “lines in the sand” against the other. It always makes me sad because they’re all good people. I say we should agree to disagree and move on…

    • Lisa Ann, thank you for stopping by and I agree with you; lets agree to disagree without any hard feelings. It’s a positive attitude and at the same time we might actually learn from each other, :).

  3. free penny press

    Our differences are what makes this world such an interesting & beautiful place ..love this post!!

  4. With time, prayer, and lots of readings, this has become easier and easier for me. I always remember mine is only one perspective based on my limited scope, perceived experience and interpretations. Thanks for sharing this delightful prose. 🙂 Sam

  5. Thank you for this post. Very timely post as I was just discussing the same thing with a friend.

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