7 days

If you were to re-live the last 7 days, what would you do differently? //Marianne


26 responses to “7 days

  1. Frankly, most likely no differences at all.

  2. I’d choose the winning Lotto numbers…….

  3. Speak less, listen more and love more deeply

  4. This is a good one! I actually have something I wish to change!

    Two men spent the night at the same hostal as I, though I didn’t meet them until right before I was leaving.. They were leaving later that day after paragliding as they were peru bound to stay on schedule…

    They have been driving for a year – starting in Miami, across the usa then canada to alaska, and back down the pacific into mexico, the yucatan, and yes, all the way to argentina then back up through brazil, where they live!

    since people tend to crowd around them and ask questions, etc, i gave them their privacy when i briefly met them in the hotel! (they were both w/laptops and obviously busy!) they wrote last night and said they wished that I could have painted something on their (beautiful) red jeep!

    THAT would have been an honor and a fun challenge!

    here’s their route: http://americas2011.com/index.php/the-route/

    now, back to the kitchen! z

    • Their car would have looked so beautiful and super cool with one of your paintings on it, :). I hope that you will meet again, I’m going to check out their website later tonight. Looking forward to hear more about the kitchen…

      • Ja! Shall I share what’s on the counter waiting for culinary attention? Swiss Chard, celery, onions, green peppers, lemons, mandarin oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes.. from the yard, fresh ginger, lemon grass, mint, hibiscus flowers (last three for a tea) One reason why I love living here is the abundance of fruits and vegetables year round! It’s time to get back to work in the yard! Z

      • Now I am even more jealous, but you can keep the celery, :). God night from Stockholm…

  5. You would post this…I would not have got upset with the woman at McDonalds this morning who kept asking questions to the answers I had just given her.

    Be encouraged!

    • It is easy to lose one’s patience in situations like that, :). I continue to play hide and seek with Outlook. Worked yesterday, doesn’t work today and I’m sorry I didn’t take the chance and sent you an email when I could, :(.

  6. That’s an interesting question, and at the same time kind of scary…I feel like I would live up the city and pack a lot more writing into the day if I did it over. Thanks!

  7. Hi wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!


  8. I would have the last 7 days of travel, eat the best food and share laughs and jokes with alla the people I would meet in those days.

  9. not much….what a great question. I try to live each day as my last. But if I knew it was my last seven days, I would spend every minute by my children. 🙂

  10. free penny press

    I would have written more but alas, work was all consuming…other than that, nothing 🙂

    • I hope you get the chance to write more this week. How is the move to New Orleans going?

      • free penny press

        The move is going.. so many details and such when one is from out of state (like out of country for you). I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      • I’ve moved so many times, a lot of hard work and emotional as well. Best of luck, looking forward to hear more about your move, :).

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