If questions

If you had the perfect job, what would it look like?
If you had the perfect relationship, what would it look like?
If you had perfect health, what would you do?


17 responses to “If questions

  1. 1. I’m lucky! i love what I do!
    2. Most important is that someone cherishes the person that I am and doesn’t want to change me!!!! (how can a zeebra change its stripes?!)
    3. I’m pretty lucky in health as well. Eliminating msg and aspartame played a huge role in reclaiming optimum health!

    • Lisa, I suspect a wise person like you aren’t afraid to improve things in your life if you are not satisfied with them, :). I totally agree on the msg and aspartame…

  2. free penny press

    I’m not sure I even know what perfect is anymore.. I think for me the underlying connection for all of these would be joy. Do I get joy from these things…

    • Only you can decided what is perfect for you, and joy is a wonderful goal. Media is always trying to sell us an unrealistic picture of perfection that has nothing to do with reality. Unfortunately a lot of people fall for it, :(.

  3. I think it is powerful to evaluate our lives, and ourselves from time to time so that we remain on the path of being the best person we can be, and living the best life we can. Will it always be perfect? No. But will it be as good as possible? Yes. Thanks for the thought provoking post!

    • Thank you for your positive feedback! Evaluation is very important. Only you can decide what “perfect” means to you, and you seem to already know it, :).

  4. Interesting questions – at the moment I am in a good place (although I could do with losing weight to improve health!). I guess itΒ΄s important too to not take anything for granted.

  5. what a coincidence, I’ve been planning for the advanced english class I’m teaching and the correct structure of the ‘if ‘ (expressing probability/possibility) sentence is a topic I have for oral expression…OMG, the PERFECT job, wow! my perfect job would combine creativity+teaching+nice pay check (jajajaaa!!!) thank God I’ve got the first two…the PERFECT relationship: he’d like to hypothesize and get all philosophical about stuff, over analize and escape every chance we had…PERFECT health: (physical and mental) maybe I would’ve had another child…but all in all, PERFECTION scares me, I strive for achieving, giving and doing MY BEST, I don’t want perfection because I can’t give perfection, I have received what I can handle and every night (it’s going to sound a bit worn out) when my husband and I kiss our children goodnight, I have to say THANK YOU for a my version of a perfect day…i look forward to your questions, read you soon, Alexandra (you inspired me, sorry for the looooong comment)

    • Alexandra, never apologize for expression your views. Your comments are important to me and to everybody who is following my blog. Only you can decide what “perfect” means to you, and I think you’ve figured that out already, :).

      Creativity+teaching+nice pay check – fantastic goals for your job! I want to improve my English, and I need advanced English lessons but I’m not interested in sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other people. I also travel a lot, and most evenings I’m busy networking or seeing my friends. I’ve yet to find a computer programe that I like. I challenge you to create a programe that is different from the existing ones, :). A program that is based on that we all have different needs. Creative, easy to use, businesslike and one that caters to my businessarea like personal development, leadership, mental training, motivation etc. Just a thought! πŸ™‚

      • Now that’s a real challenge! Let me do some research, though of the top of my head I could recommend (what I suspect you already do) some listening exercises, (I teach bilingual -spanish/english highschool students) for example listening to english radio like NPR or the wonderful TED talks that have a fabulous variety in topics, to sharpen your ear because it’s not the same to write and to speak fluently… Let me see what I can put together! Read you soon, Alexandra

      • Alexandra, you’re a very kind person. I didn’t mean to put pressure on you to help me. I got a bit carried away when you wrote that you are a teacher, :). TED talks is a fantastic concept, which I watch as often as possible. We have subtitles on foreign TV shows, and at the movies in Sweden, which means we’re always exposed to other languages, especially English. If you decide to create a program yourself, I’ll happily be your test person, :). //Marianne

      • Test person sounds much nicer than guinea pig, right πŸ˜‰ !…well, right now I’m putting together a program for a reading and writing workshop for my students, but I’ll certainly let you know as soon as I work something out! Thnak you Marianne for your supportive comments

  6. 1) I have the perfect job…write and help others find their TruePath.
    2) The perfect relationship would look exactly like the one I have with Susie…she is perfect.
    3) Run the length of the United States. Having already run the width, if I were to run the length I would be the only person to have done both.

    Be encouraged!

  7. Geez, these are though questions. I don’t think I really know what perfect is, but I know one think not being at war and not being too critical with and to myself is half of a perfection already.

    • I’m glad to hear that you’re not too critical with yourself. Being critical all the time creates a lot of problem. Only you can decide what perfection means to you, :).

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