Secret goals

Sometimes we need to keep our goals secret as they might be criticised and shattered by our nearest and dearest, before we have even got started. Do you have any secret dreams? When will you be ready to talk to people about them? Do you have a plan? //Marianne


22 responses to “Secret goals

  1. i do i do
    untill i start working on something i keep it to myself.

  2. I do….my own private dreams that I keep to myself as to cherish them. πŸ™‚

  3. I apologize in advance for this lengthy comment!
    You are correct about others shooting down your dreams,(if the dreams aren’t the norm!) I have learned to keep my grander plans to myself, and them smile proudly when others look on with bafflement or amazement! I don’t think most people are aware of how damaging unwanted criticism can be to an artistic soul! Words often extinguish the joy, and if the joy is removed, the spontaneity evaporates. (“You’re going to do WHAT?”) Only the most driven, who listen to the voices of their souls, continue after others inflict that element of self doubt. They are often described as hard-headed or stubborn, but otherwise they become one of the many sheep!
    Which leads back to that great Kipling poem and the line, “…if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you…”
    for example, i would not be on my way to the museum concerning details for next week’s show if i had listened to what others wanted for my life. Most likely I would never have visited Ecuador and surely would not be writing this blog!

    Plans? Oh! Do I ever have plans! πŸ™‚ Z

    • Lisa, never apologize for your comments wether they are short or long! They are valuable to me, and for everybody who reads my blog. I wonder how many dreams have been put away in a drawer due to other people’s negative comments. No one has the right to criticizes, or ridicule other peoples dreams and goal. The sad thing is that is common, in all cultures. This is unfortunate because sometimes we need to tell people about our dreams at an early stage.

      I am so grateful that you share your wonderful art, your life in Ecuador and Costa Rica and your amazing blog with the entire world! πŸ™‚ Thank you, and thanks for the line from the Kipling poem. It is beautiful…

      • hey amiga
        thanks, as always. today i reflected more about this topic as i rode the bus to the museum. the people mean well who question our dreams, decisions, and they don’t realize how it could extinguish a joy/strong light in the soul of one who has not quite reached a level of self confidence to persevere. i witness this a lot with people who have chosen to move to south america, and their friends, family, support do not understand. it makes the person feel pulled apart – wanting to experience the new life yet being held back emotionally, so guilt is attached. i am working through the best way to address this with a post.
        it’s been a really long day, the sun has just settled on the horizon. today i put the rest of my day’s plans in sleep mode (and myself!) and will resume in the morning!
        until then,

      • Lisa, I agree with everything you say, people do feel pulled apart – wanting to experience the new life yet being held back emotionally. I am looking forward to your post about this very important subject.

  4. I have so many.. I sometimes wonderful if any of them will come true:)

  5. Oh, I do. Dreams, plans, a whole bunch of them! There are things which I think are too silly to share with anyone so I keep them to myself.

  6. Marianne, what I learned from your June 23-29 posts is that I should learn as much as I can, even while pondering reliving the last 7 days. (Did I wear red shoes? In sunshine?) I also need to think of “If” questions, such as, “If I do one thing different today, and it becomes a habit, can I eventually do 730 things differently in 2 years? (Do the math.) One thing I’m going to do differently today is to tell you about about a secret goal. I’ve just set up a Redbubble account so that I can turn my blog photos into greeting cards, prints, posters, etc. (I haven’t even told my WIFE!)

    • John, thank you so much for another great analyses! πŸ™‚ Doing 730 things differently in 2 years was very, very funny. Congratulation on taking your secret goal to the next level, I’m sure your blog photos will be a great success. It’s now time to tell your wife, :).

      • Audible chuckle. Between the time I told you and your suggestion above, I told her. Wouldn’t want her to hear via the grapevine that I was sharing secrets with a woman from Sweden. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Absolutely not, I do not want her to chase me down the streets of Stockholm with a “pitchfork”, :). Say hello to her from me, :).

  7. Great advice! As a young artist, I shared everything, thinking everyone was as excited about the “new” adventure as I was. I have learned through the years to keep the first nub of an idea to myself until the idea grows strong enough to withstand the naysayers.

    • I used to be the same, and I couldn’t understand why people always tried to talk me out of my dreams. Now I know better, but I still think it’s a bit sad that all over the world people feel “forced” to have secret goals due to all the naysayers, :(.

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