Reclaim Sundays

Do you remember what life was like before Sunday became a day of working, going to shopping malls, catching up on household work like doing the laundry and cleaning? Once upon time, Sunday was a day when we gave our body and mind a chance to rest, it was also a day we spent with our family. In some countries it is still like that, but not in Sweden. As of today I reclaim my Sundays, and I’m going to use the 7th day of the week to rest, contemplate, do joyful things and spend it with my family and friends. What would you like to do on your Sundays? //Marianne


16 responses to “Reclaim Sundays

  1. Marianne what a topic you have chosen….
    Sundays are my busiest days..Mondays i wake up tired and sore foot…
    Whatever work we procastinate during weekdays attack us on sundays…..Help i seriously need help

    • Soma, I hear you, I am the same but I’ve had enough! We need one day a week that is free of work. Our overloaded bodies and minds need to rest, and do more feel good things. We need to prioritise what we enjoy doing, and stop procrastinate. Easier said than done, but lets take one day at the time, and our Sundays will soon be stress-free, :). In Spain is everything except restaurants and cafes closed on Sundays. Instead of working, doing the grocery shopping etc people go for walks, ride their bikes and then they go out for dinner in the afternoon with their family. I want a life like that! 🙂

  2. As a freelancer, I am lucky to choose my “Sunday” any time of the week. On Sundays I am usually busy writing, so mostly my “Sunday” is on a Thursday or Friday.

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  4. I refuse to work on Sunday for anyone, I don’t care who it is. In fact, I put it in my contracts that I don’t work on Sundays and any legal holidays.

  5. Seen that too, saturdays, sundays, early mornings and late nights, etc.etc.

  6. Haha, I think I am lucky cause for me every day right now is like Sunday…. 🙂

  7. Great topic to get one thinking! Sundays do seem to be a day of running around and finishing household chores and the like…my husband and I decide which day of the weekend to head out plan accordingly. So one day, either sat or sun, does get spent in pajamas and nothingness!

    • It makes me very happy that you like my post! 🙂 Pajamas and nothingness, it sounds like magic and I hope more people follow your excellent decision.

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