Joyful times

What gives you the greatest joy in life?

Straßenfotografie – Street Photography by Cornelia Lohs is a fantastic blog that gives me a lot of joy. Cornelia is a generous soul who has been kind enough to nominate my blog for 2 awards, Kreativ Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award. I feel very humble by all the attention I get, and I happily accept both of them. Cornelia, thank you so much! I have decided to do things a bit different today. I am only going to tell you one thing about myself and then I am going to nominate all of YOU for 2 awards.
I love to paint but I only do it in the summer, barefoot in the garden. My paintings are big and very colorful. Some like them, some think they are childlike. Tomorrow I am going to wallpaper the garage with some of them. For the past few months I have been lucky enough to meet many amazing people from all around the world through their blogs. Funny, smart and kind-hearted people who blog about food, poetry, interior design, photography, art, travel, fashion, humour, relationships, health, leadership and life in general. I get inspired, I laugh, I comment, I get comments and I have made many new connections. It is impossible for me to choose just a few blogs to nominate and why should I when I can nominate many. It is my pleasure to nominate each of you for the Kreativ Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you for all the joy you give me! //Marianne


11 responses to “Joyful times

  1. So happy to hear you like my photos! I think it is a good idea to give the award to everyone since it is always so hard to choose people as there are so many good bloggers. Greetings, Cornelia

  2. Congratulations on your award.. you’re inspiring me to paint outside.. barefoot!! Love that!!

  3. Si. Great option on the awards, and so true – everyone has something unique. Thanks!

    This morning I bought fresh fruits and vegetables from a couple that sold from the back of an old pickup with wooden sides. One miniature yellow rose in a black-plastic bag added a touch of class to the presentation. A lady with a serene smile sat in the back and was surrounded by colorful fruits and vegetables. The yellow lemons on the edge of the tailgate were large and succulent and looked like Easter eggs.

    The entire experience was a delight to the senses that reminds me that the simplest life is sometimes the richest. Antonio remembered that I had purchased produce ‘across town’, and because of that he gave me a discount. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone,’ he smiled.)

    I walked away with a bulging bag of fruits and vegetables for $2.50 cents and a grand smile in my heart.

    Every moment of life is a joy, if we will slow down and take note! Z

    • Lisa, what a wonderful experience you had when you bought the fruit and vegetables! 🙂 I love situations like this, and I always treasure them. It’s unfortunate that many people consider themselves being too busy to stop and smell the roses, it’s crazy…

  4. Congratulations, it’s so fun to receive awards. Enjoy it and keep on painting.

  5. Oh, why not taking a picture of your paintings and upload here, I would like to see cause I like creation, I like art and everything related to that 🙂

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