Problems, yes please!

Striving for a life without problems is not positive in itself. Choose to see each problem as a challenge that will enable you to grow as a person. A good rule of thumb is to spend 90% of your time finding a solution to the problem and only 10% thinking about the problem in hand. //Marianne


14 responses to “Problems, yes please!

  1. you are right there πŸ˜‰

  2. So true! Since last Friday I have been kidnapped by the problem that my Macbook went “kaputt”. It is in repair now. As a journalist I depend on my Macbook … on a Macbook with a German keyboard. I can’t write in German now and I feel handicapped. It is too time wasting to copy and paste the letters with the umlauts and the sharp s. I am using my better half’s American Macbook in the meantime. All the data I need to work is on my computer, though and the backup on my bigger Macbook back home in Germany. I won’t be back to Germany before September … so my expectations are that the Apple Repair Center will be able to save my data.

    • Nothing makes us so frustrated as computer problems, :). I sympathize with your keyboard problem. I’ve had the same problem in the past, as we’ve 3 more letters in our alphabet. Maybe you should take a day off, forget about your computer and have faith that Apple will be able to save your data… :).

  3. I have been thankful for the negative for a long time because, with each bit of negative, I am stronger for each challenge, enabling me to the positive just that much sooner.

  4. This is the best advice I’ve heard in a LONG time. My job is often problem-ridden and I hate bringing the problem home. I’d rather bring home the question of what to DO about it. And I’m going to make an effort to do so.

  5. i’ve learned from my experience with my share of problems 90% of the time they work themselves out, and 100% of the time i survive them regardless

  6. Have my Macbook back and all data was saved. Great day!!

  7. Some might have this backwards and spend 90% worrying about the problem, and 10% doing something about it! Great post!

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