No one in history has ever had to put up with as much stress as we do. People need somewhere to just stop. Do you have place where you can just “stop” and at the same time recharge your batteries? //Marianne


18 responses to “Stress

  1. Here in the US: Just sitting in my rocking chair in the garden watching the squirrels. Back home in Germany: Reading a Scandinavian thriller.

    • I love rocking chairs, the rhythm is so soothing. Why do Germans love Scandinavian thrillers so much? We often wonder in Sweden… :). By the way, is it possible for me to read any of your stories in German press? I used to speak German, not anymore but I still understand a lot when I read it.

  2. free penny press

    There is a small park near my home I love to just go sit and absorb all the sounds and sights of nature..:-)

  3. I try to do this in my own home.. if I work on something creative.. I feel my stress levels diminishing…

  4. Scandinavian thrillers are so thrilling! I especially like Jo Nesbø. This time I took an Island thriller with me to the US, they are just as good (Arnaldur Indridasson). You can read some of my life style topics I write for the Forum-Magazin:
    Just klick on any of the topics.
    You can also go to my website and klick on any of the articles.

  5. my painting class used to be the place…after that, the drive to do an errand or to pick up children from school, I take advantage and really appreciate those minutes alone with myself to organize my thoughts…

  6. Mis momentos de relax es trabajando tranquilamente sin que nadie me moleste a cada rato, estar sola por unas horas, con mis proyectos, eso me relaja muchísimo!!

    • Puede ser muy estresante estar constantemente interrumpido en el trabajo, a veces tenemos que poner un cartel grande que dice: no molestar! = It can be very stressful to constantly be interrupted at work, sometimes we need to put up a big sign that says: do not disturb!

  7. Lately I’ve been relaxing in the gym, it’s strange but I really like exercising and it relaxes me; also I like going out in the car somewhere to take photos, and that’s what I find extremely relaxing 🙂

    • Exercise is a great stress reliever as long as it doesn’t become a negative “must”. I “must” go to the gym every day, if I don’t go my whole day will be destroyed… Doing creative things is very relaxing, and a fantastic cure for stress, :).

  8. I think we make our own stress by trying to be everything and everyone

  9. Marianne, what I have learned from your June 30-July 6 posts is that, first, I need to keep more current with my blog reading, and also that I will need to think up 5 positive comments to soothe one negative one, so if I rest on Sunday I won’t be critical of store clerks and can spend the time being joyful over being nomianated for 2 awards. I can’t let the Sunday rest carry into my workweek, however, because not taking control of my work would lower my self-esteem, making it difficult for me to focus on what I really want: to spend most of my time finding solutions and when I fail to just STOP!

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