You can only change yourself, not other people. Do not waste time and energy on how other people ought to think or behave, focus instead on your own actions and behaviour. //Marianne


14 responses to “Change

  1. ¡Cuanta razón tienes!, realmente todo lo que nos aportas es maravilloso, pero que trabajo cuesta, muchas veces es más fácil intentar cambiar al otro, y más cuando tu crees que llevas razón, besos

  2. Someone recently said to me about her “possible” new love interest, ‘He has some issues with anger, and he’s working on them. I think I can help him become a better person.’ I told her that she’d better like him for what he is at the moment.
    He does seem to cherish the person that she is, and that’s a huge motivator for him to truly step away from old habits.

    • We all want to be liked, and loved for what we are. When someone is trying to change us, we get annoyed with the person. Nevertheless, we try and change others, especially our partners, and children. Instead of trying to change others, be a good role model. People will take notice, and mimic your behavior, :).

  3. This is so true. And it’s tough enough to change oneself!

  4. however, we should never change our own true self and beliefs because someone else wants us to or because we think we would be more loved if we did change – i.e. simply put on a mask and pretend. I found that it’s important to first find out who you really are and accept yourself before you think about changing yourself. Of course, it’s good if people manage to change their attitudes. Change is an interesting topic!

    • It’s important to know oneself, what we believe in, what our values are etc. It’s also important to work with our self-esteem, when our self-esteem is good we don’t have the need to change ourselves for someone else. Unfortunately a lot of people do, for the reasons you write about. When we do, we abuse ourselves instead of loving and accepting ourself.

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  6. To try to change others it’s a lost battle even before it starts.

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