Inspiration dries up

Stand up, lift your hands up above your head and lean your head backwards for 5-10 seconds. This is all it takes to change your state of mind and it can also be used when you are angry, upset or disappointed. If you are in a crowded room, and you do not want to lift your hands above your head, do a mini version and just tilt your head backwards. //Marianne


24 responses to “Inspiration dries up

  1. It works! It is like reaching for the energy of the sun.

  2. Very interesting, did not know before…

  3. free penny press

    Great idea I never thought of before.. Will definitely practice this..
    Thank you!!

  4. This was such an unexpected suggestion, and it will surely bring a smile to anyone who strikes that pose! Thanks so much! Does this ‘gesture’ have a name? “The Marianne Salute”????

  5. Excellent post my friend

  6. …thanks for the inspiration!!!! g*

  7. What a Great idea!! I’m going to try that. Especially when my workouts get tough and I need a quick recharge to keep going. Brilliant Post! 🙂

  8. psychospiritualfun

    Reblogged this on Psychology, spirituality and mental health and commented:
    A little exercise to improve your state of mind…

  9. No lo sabía, te aseguro que voy a probarlo, gracias por compartir, besos

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