Motivation is what keeps us going, it gives us strength, energy and dedication. We differentiate between internal and external motivation. External motivation is for example, getting a bonus for having done a good job at work. Internal motivation is your own will to achieve something, ie it has to mean something for you if you are going to be motivated.
Are there any people or work tasks that motivate you?
How does it feel when you have internal motivation?
What happened just before you were motivated?
When did you last feel motivated? //Marianne


8 responses to “Motivation

  1. I have some wonderful people in my life that have stuck by me for years all throughout my turbulence and they proved to be Real friends – they motivate me with thy’re love and continuity. 🙂

    I have a great Coach at Beachbody which is a workout and fitness site, and he really motivates me, a great leader 🙂

    Inner motivation for me takes a lot of musing until I eventually say “Right, I’m ready, get up and do ‘X'”. I just wish my internal motivation was a bit faster.

    Immie 🙂

    • Having wonderful people in your life is important, congratulation on having so many! 🙂 The more we practice, the faster it will go. And sometimes we need to be patient, :).

  2. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to my internal motivation!

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  4. I use both internal and external motivation to get me going. Lately it’s been a good combination of both. You are right when you mention that it gives your strength. When you see your accomplishments it gives you the stamina to continue.

    • It’s important to see one’s accomplishments, that way you also see your progress . It also gives you stamina to continue, just like you are pointing out, :).

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