Does your attitude support you or sabotage it for you? Being happy and also content with your accomplishments can be hard work sometimes. But do not use that as an excuse for letting a negative attitude take control over your emotions. Challenge them instead and say; no thank you! //Marianne


15 responses to “Support

  1. It was nice to hear my Mum tell me that I should be very proud of myself for the photo’s I took over at there’s (I’ve taken up Photography as a hobby and built an additional WP Photo Blog over at ) I then looked at them and said “Yes, I am proud of myself! πŸ™‚

    But I can self-sabotage at times mainly in the form of excuses as to not do something. It’s very frustrating and something needing to be overcome. I find most of us struggle too and find balancing not just life but emotions as well, can be tricky.

    Great Post! Immie πŸ™‚

    • Sabotaging for oneself is common. We do it for many different reasons, some for fear of failing and some because they are afraid of succeeding. It might sound a bit strange, but some people don’t think they are worthy of success. Sometimes we just need to ask for help, because we don’t know how to solve a problem we are facing. The more we work with ourselves, the easier it’s to say no to a negative behaviour. Immie, thank you for your feedback! You have two fantastic blogs, and I’ve enjoyed looking at your photos, :).

  2. Marianne, you speak Spanish! If you ever want to practice some more I can comment in Spanish, just say the word πŸ™‚ …
    Attitude…now that my return home is imminent I gave myself some time to analyze what went wrong, why my stay in M exico City wasn’t as enjoyable as expected (I knew what to expect from being back in this fabulously crazy metropolis-CRAZINESS, though I wished much more)
    And guess what went wrong: MY ATTITUDE! I did not go with the flow, I went against it…I longed for peace and quiet in the wrong place…anyway I’ve started my last month here, packing boxes with all of my family’s stuff…now, I have to define a POSITIVE ATTITUDE for my return home, because, although it’s my home, many changes have taken place in my absence making me and my children the new kids on the block…Thank you, read you soon, Alexandra

    • I’m learning very slowly to speak Spanish, and thank you for your offer:). What a joy it’s to read about your progress and how you figure out what went wrong, fantastic!

  3. Count your accomplishments at the end of every day.

  4. Do you have a beautiful blog! I found it by chance. I promise to visit often to read.

  5. Marianne I am so glad to have found you. Your words are strong and true. I will enjoy following you.

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