Vacation time

It is time for me to go on vacation, I have put away my briefcase and I’m saying hello to lazy days in the sun. I am going to spend quality time with my family and friends, and do absolutely nothing the next few weeks. Except for blogging every day. 365 days and I stick together for better or worse, through sickness and health and that includes my annual vacation. It might take me a bit longer to answer your comments, and I might miss some of your posts. Rest assure I have not abandon any of you. Just taking time off to eat strawberries, go to auctions in the countryside and watch the sun go down at the end of the day. What do you like to do on your holiday? //Marianne


26 responses to “Vacation time

  1. Wish you a lovely fun Holiday Marriane…Oh this summer i was so busy but we have planned a short vacation in a hill station near our house ..whenever on vacation i go without gadgets..just one mobile either mine or my husbands ( for safety and emergency) and lots of trekking and camping 🙂
    that pic of starwberry is yum

    • Soma, thank you! Panic in the house today, no Internet connection, the coffee machine broke down, and the curling tong broke in about 10 pieces, :). I’ve been sent to the nearest city with a mission to fix it all… No gadget free holiday in our family, :). Luckily I also found a hotel who had free wifi…

  2. Bon voyage and wishing you a great relaxing break
    Aussie Ian

    • Thank you, Ian! Sunny in Sweden today but the weather god is threatening us with rain…But I don’t mind a bit of rain, it gives me the chance to read lots of books instead, :).

  3. Happy vacation, girl, have a nice rest.

  4. Happy vacation, Marriane.In the last few weeks I was so busy with my course assignment, that I hardly had time to write in my blog.

  5. free penny press

    Enjoy these lazy, hazy summer days… And eat lots of wonderful goodies!!!
    We will be here when you return 🙂

    • Lynne, thank you! Yesterday we went to a farmer, and bought eggs, potatoes, strawberries and raspberries. It’s amazing how much better locally produced food taste than when you buy food at the supermarket in a big city, :).

  6. Have a great vacation! Are you going to the Skärgården? I loved it there.

    • Cornelia, thank you! Ever since I was born, I have spent every summer on the west coast, :). I can’t see that it will change any time soon, :). But “Skärgården”, outside of Stockholm is fantastic.

  7. At this moment, the word ‘vacation’ makes me dream of being home where I will watch the birds and putter around in the garden and do a little creative cooking and paint and read and write and draw and rejoice in being home!
    If my vacation had to be elsewhere yet practical, I would travel to the Andean city of Cuenca, soak in the essence of that lovely city (in Ecuador) and make daily visits to the therapeutic thermal waters of nearby Banos. Hmmm. maybe I should do both! Cuenca first and then home! Z

  8. Te deseo de corazón que pases unas felices vacaciones, espero que no te olvides de todos nosotros, besos

  9. since this is going to be our first family beach vacations, what i most want to do is take pictures: of my children, of the beach and hopefully a kind soul will help us out with a family pic…I can’t leave this to memory so I want as many pics as I can have to always remember these days!! have a lovely and re-energizing time Marianne, big hug Alexandra

    • Thank you, Alexandra I am doing absolutely nothing and I love it… I wish you a wonderful beach vacation with plenty of opportunity to take fantastic pictures of your children, :). Sunshine from Sweden //Marianne

  10. Marianne,
    What I learned from your July 7-14 posts is that I can only change myself, which is easier if I lift my hands above my head (especially if donning a pullover). I need to focus on internal motivation, and while I am rooting around in there I need to prop the door open so that my negative feelings can get out, especially the feeling that nothing is a miracle. What IS a miracle is that the word “few” can be used to cover 119 words in a 150th post (congratulations on both feats). Also, If I can only say “NO THANK YOU” to negative emotions I might get a few weeks (!) off to do absolutely nothing except to nibble on a bowl of luscious berries with family and friends.

    Have a good time!

    • John, I think this might be the best one you have done! It’s hilarious, and I’m laughing out load – everybody wants to know what I’m laughing about, :). Thank you my friend! Have a nice weekend!

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