Counting blessings

The other day I read a wonderful blogpost at Zeebra Designs & Destinations about how to still your mind and soul. I liked what I read so I decided to take a break from a very busy day, and try it out myself. I am happy to report that it worked. I’m a person who likes to learn new things, and everything I write about I have tried myself. If it works I integrate it into my own life, and most of the time I also test it on a group of people to get constructive feedback. If necessary, I modify it and make it into an even better tool. Not this time, instead I invite you to read about it yourself at Zeebra. Enjoy! //Marianne


5 responses to “Counting blessings

  1. Well good morning to you!

    Thank you so much, and yes, it is amazing what magic this simple technique triggers – even on me! From years of practice, I am able to switch gears in a matter of seconds; newbies usually make that ‘switchover’ in a minute or two.

    It’s amazing to watch a room of people go from scattered to zen; most replace a concentrated scowl with a serene smile. After a minute of drawing those circles in one direction, reverese direction and draw in the other direction.

    The finale is getting a new sheet of paper and instead of drawing tornadoes, just make two or three ‘whorls’ and stop. Almost always you will have drawn a beautiful circle or ellipse!

    If only the introduction to watercolors could be so easy, though it’s actually a nice experience as well!

    Thanks, Marianne! Enjoy your vacation and keep sketching!


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