A clean slate

What would you change, if you could start from the beginning again?
Is it possible to do it now instead?
Do you want to do it now?


22 responses to “A clean slate

  1. You know, this is a very difficult one. When I look pack, there are probably a dozen things I would like to change, but then, I keep telling myself that each experience was part of getting me where I am right now. But yes, I do believe that if we want to see change happen, then we must actively work towards it.

    • Sometimes we get stuck in the past, we regret that we didn’t do this or that. At the same time it has formed us to who we are today. Hopefully we like the person we have become. Count one’s blessings, and do it now if it’s possible, and if you still want to is a good idea.

  2. I wish I had gone to Argentina long ago, as that had been my dream since the age of ten or so! Why I did not study Spanish, I have no clue – I veered toward the maths instead, but I wish I had taken those lessons at an early age!
    I wish I had stuck with piano lessons for a few more years!
    Oh well, it’s the journey that counts; part of my personal evolution sprang from bridging the languages with ‘leespanol’ – and I suspect that my path will eventually take me to the tip of South America!

    • Buenos Aires is a fantastic city, waiting for you to explore, :). I guess you’ve been “forced” to learn spanish in Ecuador, and I can see you giving a piano concert surrounded by your amazing paintings. It’s never to late, :).

      • Ah, I’m just as happen to have someone play in the background, in fact i often paint w/a piano playlist as background music. i have a friend who states that i don’t speak spanish or english or spanglish – that i’ve invented a new language and am teaching everyone to speak it! he says that i’m the next evolutionary link – the next lucy!
        oh, the stories waiting to be told! tis a great life!

      • The next Lucy, that is funny! I can’t wait to hear your stories, :).

    • I got interrupted before, and forgot to say this: I wish I had had fewer piano lessons, I was beyond bad. My poor grandparents had to suffer through lots of concerts every X-mas. But I wish I still had my piano, it was very old and beautiful… I miss the piano but not the terrible lessons, :).

  3. The hardest and most important things I’ve done not without huge potholes on the way have been to keep my marriage alive and to raise my two children. I have come to understand and appreciate the tough love my mom raised us with and don’t judge her for it, that’s what she had to do under those circumstances, which in a way has helped me forgive myself in those moments when I feel i could’ve done a better job at home. However, i do have some relationships I could’ve dealt better with…This one I’ll have to give some time to find an answer…Thank you Marianne, read you soon, Alexandra

    • Being married, and raising children is tough work. It’s never to late to mend a bad relationship, sometimes we need to forgive and sometimes we need to apologize for our behaviour. To give yourself plenty of time to think about what you want to do is a good idea.

  4. I have been going to counselling for the past three months and at the beginning i would of said i wanted to change everything but now i don’t want to change anything, just go with the flow of life and enjoy.

  5. Yo sí cambiaría muchas cosas, del mundo profesional, si volviera atrás……….ahora con 41 años me veo mayor para comenzar nuevos proyectos, besos

  6. Nothing in the past. If I spend too much time in the past, there’s nothing for now. Regrets earn nothing in the bank, so, I’ll go with something I could change now so, I don’t repeat the errors of my past.

  7. Too late to change anything. What is done is done. The lessons were learned. Plus thinking about the past can create pain and suffering. The moment is now!

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