Flush away

Write down everything that you are disappointed, angry or sad about on different pieces of paper. Then, cut them into small pieces and flush away! Afterwards, make a note of everything that makes you smile, happy or grateful. It doesn’t matter what it is. Before you fall asleep read the list slowly and carefully. The first thing you do when you wake up is to read through the list again. Keep adding to the list everything that makes you happy, or grateful. Remember to write the date on the list so that you can quickly see how your positive attitude changes with time. //Marianne


11 responses to “Flush away

  1. Marianne, you have certainly given yourself a big challenge. I have missed part of your 365 day’s of advice. But I guess there is nothing to keep me from starting today.

    I am always getting junk mail. All of it goes in the trash. But those envelopes and the blank back sides of the flyers will be the perfect place to write the unhappy thoughts on. They will be thrown away anyway. 🙂

    Now to find a place to write the happy thoughts on. Perhaps on the back of the computer manual. I know I will never toss that and I always have it in a handy place. 🙂

    • You can start anytime you like; today, tomorrow or go back to the beginning which is in February, :). The idea is that people should start whenever it’s convenient for them. Great idea to use junk mail to write unhappy thoughts on. Briliant idea to write happy ideas on the back of an important manaul, I like it a lot, :). I also like challenging myself, and 365 days is a great and fun challenge.

  2. What a great idea. I like the way you think, write and most importantly care about others.

  3. free penny press

    I have actually done this before, I threw mine off a bridge and they floated away.. I felt so much better and free!

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