Our thoughts are stronger than our will. In order to change your critical inner voice, you can start humming because it is almost impossible to hum and criticize yourself at the same time. //Marianne


23 responses to “Humming

  1. Marianne, Will is thought, isn’t it? What is the difference between them?

    • Thank you for a great question. Our thoughts have a life of its own, and we have about 65 000 thoughts every day. Unfortunately many of them are negative. We think, we get an idea and it leads to our will to take action. We want to do something, it can be something big, or small. And yes, everything goes hand in hand, including our feelings.

      That said, if you ever have tried to loose weight or stop smoking for example there is a big chance that the thought has won over the will. The same goes for certain situations at your job, or when you study. We tell ourselves we can’t do it, we are useless etc and our thoughts win again over our will. Some people think we can just “snap” out if, but our thoughts are so strong they can literally move mountains. One way of “tricking” the brain is to hum because then it’s almost impossible to criticize yourself at the same time. And this trick can help you in many situations, whether it is at work, or in your private life.

  2. Definitely a thought provoking statement Marianne
    Aussie Emu

    • My job is to make people think a bit “bigger”, and it makes me happy when people actually do it, :). Please, have a look at my answer to the “Wonky Wizard”.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    It really works!!!!!!!

  4. This is so interesting! Hmmmmmmmmm; on that long bus ride home this afternoon, I’ll tune out the blasting ranchero music by hummmmmmmmming!
    Thanks! Z 😀

  5. I sing Italian songs instead (mainly Marco Masini).

  6. So true, being self-critical and humming a tune can’t be parts of the same multitasking equation…so glad you pointed that out…back tu packing and HUMMING!!! Read you soon, Alexandra

  7. Will is often associated with desire. That which you desire most often drives your choices. There is discussion about weakness of will, where we desire things that are not good for us. Desire stems from passion and emotion, hence many try to use reason to overcome self-destructive desires. Humming is a way to mute the desire, by sidetracking it to something else. Aristotle claimed that we must replace bad habits with good ones, as all action is habituated in his view.

    • I think your comments are very interesting. Humming is a simple way to trick the brain to stop thinking negative thoughts. It gives us a chance to stop whatever we are doing, and change the direction of our thoughts.

  8. That is a brilliant idea… hummmm.. 🙂

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