The Gift of Laughter

The more we laugh the better we feel. Our organs get an internal massage and at the same time several biochemical processes start that affect amongst other things the production of endorphins, our bodies own ‘happy’ substances. Endorphins have a painkilling effect and our bodies relax more effectively, which it turn reduces our stress levels. Feeling happy and laughing is something we can practice, try laughing out loud and see what happens. Watching funny movies is another way of increasing your happiness, the same goes for funny books, photos, and pleasant memories. Another very simple and effective way of increasing your feel good mood is; smile at everyone that you meet and you will soon notice that both you and they feel much better. Yes, sometimes it is that simple. //Marianne


20 responses to “The Gift of Laughter

  1. Years and years ago I found myself laughing in a dream. Silly and stupid. It was about a man sitting at a dinner table sniffing his necktie. I awoke in fits of laughter.

    Just thinking about it…I am sitting here laughing. I have tried to tell others about the dream and can’t get through it without double over in laughter.

  2. This is so true! On days when I don’t feel quite up to snuff but still have to go to work and be productive, I dress up and put on a happy face. Gradually throughout the day, I usually feel better, even happier. Fabulous advice!

  3. I often laugh in my dreams as well like mixedupmeme. I bring comedy in my work, it is just too serious of a profession!

    • My profession is also a very serious one and I too bring humor to work. Sometimes people get a bit offended, they don’t think that laughter belongs in a workplace but they always change their mind after awhile, :).

      • I experience the same, Marianne. My goal at the end of every session with my client, is to let them see the bright side of the situation and the improvement my work brings to their life and not the discomfort they feel during a remodeling job. Humor keeps people sane.

      • It sure does! 🙂

  4. Surely everyone agrees that belly laughter erases negative emotions! When unwrapping a belly-laughter memory, we are magically transported back to that moment, and we linger there with wistful smiles! (or laughs!) Z

    • Lisa, one would think that everyone knows that laughing is good for us, but I’m afraid that is not the case. A lot of research has been done in this area, but people are still doubtful of its positive effects. Maybe because it’s such a simple tool, and it dosen’t cost anything, :). Many people within the corporate world thinks it’s bogus but it’s not…

  5. this one made me smile..laughter is the best medicine either laugh or make someone laugh…fill the day with love..
    beautiful message Marianne

  6. I need a laughing buddy, my life has gotten too serious all of a sudden 🙂 …I’ve started reading BOSSYPANTS and find myself laughing alone, eventhough this is nice I prefer to alugh with someone… I find that laughter burns negative energy like nothing else (well maybe like a big hug!) Thanks Marianne!

  7. Hello again Marianne, I love the picture and your words. I remember attending a conference where the guest speaker was known as Dr. Happiness. He specialized in research in the area of ‘happiness'(wow, there’s a surprise). He spoke of such things as you mention and also spoke about research in gratitude. He said that mood changes have occurred (within 2 weeks , if my memory is correct) when people write down 5 things they have to be grateful for, before they go to sleep. Clearly, this focuses the mind on the positive and as that is the last thing before sleep, it would facilitate good endorphin release and eventual mood change.Keep blogging Marianne, as, I beleive, this kind of sharing changes the world, one person at a time. I’m also hoping I can help people in a similar way, but my area of expertise is more in the changes and benefits from meditation, mindfulness and a broad based spirituality. Thankyou for your kindness in visiting my brand new blog. I look forward to more of your blog. Leanne

    • Leanne, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it! “Dr Happiness” is right, and I would recommend to start with 3 things, otherwise it can easily backfire if you can’t come up with 5 things. When you’ve practiced it for a while you’ll be able to write down 10 things in no time at all, :). I too believe we can change the world, one person at a time. How we do it is not important as long as it’s done with kindness. I’m sure your blog will be a great success and I’m looking forward to following it. //Marianne

  8. What a fabulous post! Love love love everything about what you’re doing on your blog. Beautiful 🙂

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