Who are you?

It is important to differentiate between who you are and what you do. Many people mix these things up and their whole identity is wrapped up with their performance. Can you differentiate between who you are as a person and what you do? //Marianne


40 responses to “Who are you?

  1. Ooooh! That’s a good one! Am logging off and will ponder that for the few seconds it takes for me to go to sleep..but when I awaken, I’ll ponder it some more! Z

  2. I am what I think….as it is a continuation. Anything I might do, is momentary, and can hardly identify me. Wow! I didn’t say that. Looking to the right, it appears I am on line with Dale Carnegie.

  3. Oh this is specially important when you are a full time MOM…because you can get lost in that phase, though we are moms from the moment we are pregnant we shouldn’t forget the ORIGINAL ME inside because sooner rather than later, that ME will be what you most need… (at least that was my experience) ๐Ÿ™‚ read you soon, Alexandra

  4. Wise, very wise and true.

  5. Are our actions not an indication of who we are? Whistleblowers indicate that they are people who do not stand by and let an organization harm others. Criminals are people who demonstrate that they are not part of a cohesive community. What we do is more than a reflection of who we are, we are the ones doing it. Perhaps we are equivocating upon the words “what you do” if you mean your choice of employment and I mean your actions. Yet, how you choose to earn your money does say a lot about you. Marianne, once again I RESPECTFULLY disagree with you. By the way, your blog is awesome!

    • Iโ€™ve no problem with you disagreeing with me, quite the opposite. Nor do I object to your comments, I like them. Iโ€™ve also learnt a new word today, equivocating, :). When I ask a Swede, especially someone in a management position, โ€œcan you differentiate between who you are as a person and what you do?โ€ they immediately start talking about their work. Itโ€™s a problem when a personโ€™s entire identity is their profession. What happens if you no longer can work in your chosen field, or if you no longer can get a job as a CEO for example? People lose their jobs all the time due to financial crises, health issues and when they retire. When we only cultivate our work identity, we often make the mistake of not cultivating other parts in our life, like developing as human beings. Or trying new things.

      In Sweden our work means a lot to us, many times too much. And I suspect itโ€™s the same in America, while Australians in general have a much more relaxed attitude to their work. A lot of people also make the mistake of choosing their profession based on what other people think, not what they really are interested in. And that is a shame, and in the end it often makes us miserable. Thank you for liking my blog, it makes me happy. Now a days I’ve no problem of differentiate between who I am as a person and my profession, :).

      • Proactive U.

        Marianne, I agree. Many of us have conflated success to mean financial success. Success in life requires the whole package: family, friends, ability to provide for our loved ones. Particularly in America, if you are not a millionaire you ain’t sh*$. Too bad for us. Hopefully, future generations will not make the same mistake.

  6. Now thats a perplexing question Marianne, you see sometimes I am Aussie Ian and sometimes I am Aussie Emu , a big Aussie bird with a sense of humour, and sometimes Aussie Ian has a few too many drinks and thinks he is me, sometimes I have a few too many drinks and think I am him, and when we get mixed up we both get together and have a few drinks, does that make sense ? its the burden of having an alter ego on WordPress, lol
    Wishing you much love and happiness Marianne
    Aussie Emu
    And me Aussie Ian too

    • It makes total sense! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for wishing me love and happiness all the way from Down Under, much appreciated. I wish you the same from northern Europe, :).

  7. Ok Amiga; I stumbled on this one and wondered about clarifying what you mean by ‘what you do.’ — for a colorist, the lines go gray for me, as the entire soul of an artist is actively at work during work or play or — whatever! even when reading – there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off. if someone walks into the room and is wearing an orange shirt, my eyes immediately connect that orange to every other splotch of that color in sight. when i look at something/anything, there’s a part of me that’s already sliced it apart into preliminary geometric shapes in order to draw it. a sun drenched building or tree or chair will always throw an equally-dramatic shadow. and the eye breaks it down/deciphers it. sometimes i pull in my reins and ask my ‘eyes’, ‘would you just be NORMAL for five minutes and be like everyone else?!’

    Who I am/have become is almost always unplugged/genuine – no reservations or word games… I am by nature a quiet person and thrive on blissful silence/immersion in nature, but I can also switch personas and step into that extroverted role when needed. When I read/write/draw/paint/cook/garden/roam the woods, that’s ‘me,’ and when i’m addressing a tour group or class of students or interacting ithe people in town, that’s the ‘public’ me… but there are so many gray areas!

    I wonder if anyone else gave your post so much thought?!!! Are you pleased?!!!!

    Thanks for your comments on the most-recent posts! Z

    • Lisa, Iโ€™m always pleased with your comments whether they are long, short or somewhere in between, :). I can tell that you give yourself time to think about them even when you already know the answer. Being an artist like a painter, writer or a musician is a bit different from working in the corporate world. I think your behaviour is NORMAL! Youโ€™re also a person with many interests, youโ€™ve a good self-knowledge and you continue to grow and develop as a human being. I congratulate you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi again Marianne, I loved Playamarts comment above, in response to ur blog. People are so fascinating and wonderful and inspiring. It was a wonderful gift to hear from someone who sees life thru a totally different prism to my own. I see/feel/seem to know people’s emotion/psychology/spirit/mood/tone…I don’t know what words to put but like Lisa who sees colour, geometry,shadow I see this. U are extremely blessed Lisa and it is normal cos it’s just ur gift and thanks for sharing it…wow..I’m going out today and try and see with your eyes just for a little while and be in the moment with colour and shape and geometry. Thanks Leanne

    • Leanne, Lisa is a wonderful human being. I am glad that you have found her blog, :). I’ve a former client who saw everything in numbers, it was fascinating listening to him explaining different meetings etc.

  9. I do now. I made the mistake of not separating myself from my first signed band, and when the A&R guy was fired and we were subsequently dropped, I was devastated.To the point of ruining my health. I no longer do anything of the sort. My art is my art and I am…well, me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve met a lot of actors and musicians that make this mistake. They end up in exactly the same situation as you did. I’m glad that you know the difference now. You can still love your work, work a lot etc but it shouldn’t be your entire identity.

  10. hey everyone! while i was being ‘lisa the artist’ and riding buses and moving the exhibition from one museum to the other, i was certainly not in the role of what i truly am.. but i was being responsible and being the working artist! tolerating the beyond-lloud cumbia and latin rap music on the bus is just short of torture to me at the end of a long day, and i step off the bus in a zombie-like fog! it takes me half an hour to re-acclimate! little did i know while i was wearing that hat, that all of you were having this discussion! btw, the replies did not find their way to my comment/notice bar…

    thanks everyone! i also wanted to add that so many times a married woman will lose her identity and become ‘mrs. joe’ or ‘mrs. steve, ‘where she takes on the passions of her husband’s interests and life and neglects her own. i see this especially in younger women, and it’s so important to have your own personal interests as well.

    keep smiling everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€ lisa/z

    • Lisa, I don’t know way the comments didn’t find their way to your comment/notice bar. I hope I can fix it. It makes me sad that 2012 women still give up their life for their partner. In some cultures women don’t know better, but most of us do… Women, you do not do yourself any service by given up your own career or interest for another person. Lisa, keep up your good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Your replies are here bright and shiny with the crows of the roosters this morning! I don’t think it’s from your site in particular, but it’s a WordPress glitch.
        Thanks amiga! All’s well with sunrise this morning! Z

      • Hot and sticky in Sweden… Have a fantastic day! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • High 83 F; low 69. My hands are cold!!!!

        Thanks! Z

      • Proactive U.

        The choice to subordinate one’s own career in order to be a housewife, as a “bad thing”, is a feminist misconception. Currently, many women are finding fulfillment in being homemakers, it is no longer an unrecognized skill. The joy of caring for one’s family and being recognized for it, is just as important as the joy of being a CEO or recognized artist. There is artistry in housework, I know a few housewives that make it look soooo easy. We should not judge other’s choices on the grounds that we would not have chosen the same way to live our lives.

      • I can only answer for myself and I’ve never said that it’s โ€œa bad thingโ€ to be a housewife. Everybody knows that being a homemaker is a tough job, and that they never get the recognition they should get. To give up your career, your interests, your dreams or part of your identity because of your partner is not a good idea. Unfortunately women sometimes have a tendency to do this, and many times it has to do with low self esteem. You donโ€™t value your own interests high enough and that is not good for you, for your partner or your children. It has nothing to do with you being a housewife, teacher, artist, doctor, CEO or work at your local food store. Sadly, there are still societies where women never get a chance to decide what kind of life they want. That is a great loss not only for them but also for their country and the world in large. I would never judge someone else for their choices in life, just thinking about it is abhorrent to me.

  11. leanne, i’d also like to add that when i am in a deep alpha/theta (?) mode of drawing/painting, i tap into an un-explainable vein of intuitiveness. if i stay too busy and am away from my connection with nature/the earth, i lose that. i can also pick up on moods, especially dark troubled ones, and i avoid doing portraits as the studies i’ve done in the past gave me almost a voyeur’s knowledge of that person. i felt as if i were spying on them.
    i suspect that many of you would be naturals at drawing. you can always start with a few tornado circles with pencil!

  12. If you over – identify with what you do for a living you are destined to be less than you are.

  13. Many hats does an interesting person make. Definitions are our standard bar where some may be rich with soul and others rich with money and the lucky ones blessed with both The balance is what is important and how one utilizes their abilities and money.
    @Lisa – I think what you are defining in yourself is your ability to recognise your intuition on a level many cannot relate to. It takes a life-time of self-education to develop those skills (for some). Depending on what you do with the information is where the line is drawn between knowledge and spying ๐Ÿ™‚ – I have been caught using my intuition where I have no right to be sometimes … ๐Ÿ˜€
    I believe I have veered a bit off track – that’s me ! Lesley

    • Lesley, thank you for a very interesting comment. Intuition is something we all have but some people are afraid to use it, or don’t know how to use it. It has also had a bit of a bad reputation but not anymore. One way to un-lock it, is by meditating and then start using it in a small way until one feels confident to use it in every situation, like you do :).

  14. Thanks for forcing me today to think through this question. I am grateful!

    Hope you have been fine! I was away for a bit and trying to catch up with all that I had missed on!

    Take care!


  15. Nice work. Thanks for reading my Legacy story! If you aren’t following my blog,, I hope you will consider doing so. I will follow your blog and see what else you have in store!

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